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Drive Sales With Contests

Dispensaries that incentivize their employees see meaningful boosts to engagement and up to 22% higher average ticket prices.

  • Track performance automatically with seamless POS integrations
  • Create flexible contest types and fully customizable rewards
  • Effectively motivate your team to maximize performance

Celebrate Achievements and Increase Accountability With Leaderboards

Cannabis retailers that provide performance feedback and set clear, formalized goals for their employees see an average 31% decrease in staff turnover.

  • Create a culture of accountability and transparency
  • Inspire friendly competition, team- or individual-based
  • Align your team on company goals and targets 
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Coach Employees With Mobile Scorecards

76% of cannabis retail employees say sales analytics have significantly improved their ability to provide a superior customer experience.

  • Empower your team with mobile sales insights and data, right on their phones
  • Keep employees focused on the numbers that matter
  • Inspire and motivate everyone to grow their knowledge

Build an Unbeatable Budtender Team With Employee Analytics

Retail sales competitions and incentive programs deliver up to 44% ROI. Plus, our team will match your first month's contest prize, up to $100! What are you waiting for?

  • Calculate your contest ROI to maximize results
  • Understand how campaigns impact your bottom line 
  • Turn your POS data into actionable insights
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Get $100 for your first contest! 

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