Dealing With Change: How to Vet, Select, and Implement the Best Cannabis Software Solutions

Join us for a deep-dive webinar on change management in the cannabis industry. Whether you're a retailer operator or an infused-product manufacture, you likely rely on several software platforms. In this webinar we'll share resources on how you can quickly vet software platforms, efficiently rollout new solutions, and avoid common pitfalls.

Join us on Monday, June 3rd for a 45 minute webinar on best practices for selecting and onboarding software platforms for your cannabis dispensary or brand.

What we'll be discussing:

  • Frameworks for identifying challenges and vetting solutions
  • Resources to leverage when evaluating different platforms
  • Timelines and checklists for rolling out new solutions
  • Tools for gaining team buy-in with new processes
  • Recommendations on negotiating rates and packages that make sense
The Presenters:

Sean Glynn

President and COO of CUE Cannabis

CUE Cannabis is the one-stop-shop to research, purchase, and manage the best software for your cannabis business. We take the guesswork out of purchasing software with our Recommendation Engine, and save business owners time with our custom build CUE Management Dashboard.
Sean has over 20 years of broad experience in sales, product management and executive leadership in IT and telecommunications. Sean is an everyday entrepreneur and small business advocate. As a small business vertical and commercial strategist, Sean has a passion for bringing the best technology and tools to the small business community.

Andrew Duffy CEO of Best in Grow

Andrew Duffy

Co-Founder & CEO of Best in Grow

Andrew Duffy is founder of Best in Grow, a leading workforce management and team engagement tool designed for the specific needs of cannabis retail.

Andrew earned degrees in psychology and behavioral economics from Harvard University. Prior to launching Best in Grow, Andrew worked for the world's largest hedge fund where he focused on emerging markets, consumer and market behavior, and assisted in developing world-class organizational processes.

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