Native Learning: A New Approach to Dispensary Training

Join us for a comprehensive and interactive webinar where we'll be discussing strategic approaches to budtender compliance and sales training. 

Join us on Wednesday, April 24th for a 45 minute webinar on innovative solutions to managing your cannabis retail team.

What we'll be discussing:

  • Best practices from industry leaders 
  • How to create a game plan to quickly gain team buy-in
  • Easy tips to make your trainings fun, engaging, and effective
  • Where to access simple guides and valuable resources
  • How to create a culture of continual learning and professional development

**Attendees will receive access to exclusive industry reports on workforce training along with workbooks and action-plans for implementing training programs.

The Presenters:

Evan Erickson

Chief Training Officer of GreenCulturED

Evan is the Chief Training Officer for Green CulturED providing the strategic advisement from conceptualization to deployment of learning platforms for the cannabis industry. Experienced in creating new solutions in Ed-Tech, he has focused on the creation and implementation of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Ed-Tech model allowing clients to develop, run, and manage online education without the complexity of maintaining the infrastructure.

MJ Headshot

MJ Stapley

Founder of MJ Hybrid Solutions

Melissa Jane (MJ) started her journey in the cannabis industry in 2014. She left her corporate management career and joined the cannabis industry to work for CV Sciences, a CBD manufacturer. After discovering a need for cannabis employee training, MJ combined her passion for sales training and cannabis education to develop the MJ Hybrid Training System.
With her 12 years of corporate sales expertise and 4 years of cannabis industry experience, MJ created a training for cannabis employees that is both scientifically accurate and helps employees better sell to customers. Her mission is to legitimize the cannabis industry through proper employee education and training.


Kate Phillips

Founder of SilkCanna

Kate is a medical industry professional with experience primarily in holistic, integrative, and functional plant based medicinal therapies. She possesses a solid diversified administrative foundation, covering operational management, S.O.P. Creation, administrative support, client relations, event planning, scholastic/grant writing, human resources, account and project management.

Andrew Duffy CEO of Best in Grow

Andrew Duffy

Co-Founder & CEO of Best in Grow

Andrew Duffy is founder of Best in Grow, a leading workforce management and team engagement tool designed for the specific needs of cannabis retail.

Andrew earned degrees in psychology and behavioral economics from Harvard University. Prior to launching Best in Grow, Andrew worked for the world's largest hedge fund where he focused on emerging markets, consumer and market behavior, and assisted in developing world-class organizational processes.

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